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Friday, April 18, 2008

How to Build A Wind Generator

Global warming, is probably now a house hold jargon. Each one of us read, write and know a lot of Global warming and all its ill effects on our dearest planet Earth. Reading a latest news report on Global warming, this morning over a cup of coffee, me and my wife decided to do something about it in our own way, albeit in a small way. What followed was a brainstorming session, which came out with some exceedingly good to ridiculously poor ideas. Most of them were directed towards raising awareness about Global warming, either in or neighborhood or in our web-neighborhood, until our friend Steve dropped in. Steve suggested that we focus on doing some thing materially and set an example in the neighborhood, rather than delivering vanilla information about Global warming. He went on to suggest that we install some kind of renewable energy generators in our house and get a continuos source of renewable energy, giving a double benefit of cutting our ever soaring electricity bills and being the champions of sorts in implementing and preaching about Global warming and the ways one can contribute in his own might.

Well, installing renewable energy generators is easy said than done! We realized this the hard way though! The next few days and weeks what followed was an extensive search for information in the internet o the local library. And we ended up with a lot of information, like there are three kinds of solar panels (a solar panel is an array of solar cells, which convert the light energy falling on them to electric power), being Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and thin-film. But to our dismay we could find no concrete ways to build one in our budget. Well, most people seemed to suggest to buy and install solar panels and wind generators, which was ridiculously expensive task, the budget exceeding well above $5000 !! Yes, you read it right ...

It was then that my wife landed upon this web site. They claimed to have a way to build a 800 - 1000 Watt homemade wind generators at below $100 !! Well, initially I rubbed aside the idea saying it was some of those false sales pitches by some desperate authors who wants to pass off his knowledge and some awkward designs, and make money from gullible readers like us. But on second look it seemed more reliable. And more we opened their web page, the more we were convinced about them. What appealed to us most is that, they too were in a similar situation as us, and the book is a compilation of their experience. And the price being very small (hardly, $20) we decided to buy and test it out. And what a good decision it turned out to be!! Wife was glad that we found such an informative book. It had all that we wanted, easy to follow plans for a 1000 Watt wind power generator, from readily available material. And the best part being all these at a budget of less than $100!

And what more, they have all information you need, like where to find the motor for the wind generator or how to calculate how much power you need to run your home and a lot more.

And now I would want to recommend this book to you and to all those people concerned about Global warming, and do not know what to do about it. This book is for those of you who would want to contribute to conserve this green planet of ours, and want it to be green forever.

Good luck with your project and feel free to pass this information about this book to all your friends and relatives who feel the same as you!

For those of you who do not have the space for a wind generator, the author suggests use solar panels. In fact, there is this book titled 'Solar Panel Installation Guide' by the same author. And there is also this book on Bio-diesel for your car by the same author. Though I have not read the same, going by the quality and simplicity of the book Homemade wind Generators, I guess the other two would be awesome too. I do have plans to buy the other books by this author soon, and will be updating the review about them soon.